O'Neill General Construction

Our Services


General Construction

O’Neill General Construction is all about creating tailored solutions that fit the specific desires and needs of the client. We build one-of-a-kind personalized hand-crafted, bespoke, quality structures that reflect individual preferences and lifestyle.one-of-a-kind.


Kitchen Remodeling

O’Neill construction is passionate  about custom kitchen renovations, we use innovative design concepts, that are distinctive and functional. with an emphasis on detailed, high-quality craftsmanship.


Bathroom Remodeling

Our amazing bathroom renovations can completely transform a space, turning your bathroom into a luxurious, functional, and aesthetically pleasing area for you to enjoy.


Room Additions

Our great room addition seamlessly integrates with the existing structure, appearing as if it was always part of the original design. It will  blend architecturally and aesthetically with the rest of the house.


Outdoor Renovations

O’Neill Construction’s bespoke outdoor renovations often incorporate unique unique features such as custom-built structures, distinctive landscaping, specialized lighting, and tailored outdoor living areas that reflect the homeowner’s individual taste.


Custom Unique

What distinguishes us from our competitors is our passion for one-of-a-kind custom, unique construction projects. Our company carries no debt so we’re able to afford to take risks the other guys can’t.

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